first full week of Keto.

Hello again.

Let’s just say I fell off the wagon…… like just a little. I was doing great when I first started this blog. I lost 10lbs and was feeling great. How come it creeps back so easily? A question I will always be asking myself. Turns out being healthy and eating to lose weight can be two very different things.

It was getting to the point where my boyfriend and I were hearing about fasting left and right. It was some kind of sign from the universe that we needed to try it. We did some research and gave it a go. It has so many amazing benefits and if you are someone with major health problems please oh please look into it! So, anyways, our fast was originally going to be from Friday through Sunday. well…. we only made it until Saturday around 4pm. It was the longest either of us had gone without food and we definitely felt like we were dying.

SPOILER ALERT: we didn’t die. It was totally miserable when it was happening but we both feel SO much better.

We ate our first meal and it was incredible how full we both got with little food. We decided to devote ourselves to eat to be healthy, not to lose weight. Anyone who knows my boyfriend knows that he doesn’t have any weight to lose anyway. I will talk about the benefits I have seen for myself and then I’ll share some of the things he has noticed as well.

One of the major keys in the foods I have been choosing to eat has been based on this book my mom gave me called Genius Foods. She saw this guy on the Rachel Ray show and boy am I glad she bought copies for both of us. This guy who wrote the book’s name is Max Lugevere and I have become his biggest stalker. Following him on Instagram as well as listening to his podcasts. Oh, and I am on his email list. So many aspects of our lives are rooted back to the foods we eat. He talks a lot about Alzheimers, Parkinsons and brain fog in the book. Brain fog? Wait. I totally get that all the time. My go-to line is “you guys, you know I have Alzheimer’s so don’t expect me to remember anything”. My little line trying to be funny is actually not funny at all. I’ve been damaging my brain my whole life. It’s amazing how many things have processed oils and sugars in them. Mind. Blown.


Whelp, it was time to make a change. I have only produce and meat in my fridge. I am doing the keto diet but not the gross cheese/dairy infested version of keto that is all over Pinterest. I love cheese and all things creamy but unfortunately, I need to cut it out completely because I cannot control myself around it. The book states that if you are going to eat cheese opt for the full-fat version. The problem is that I will eat the full-fat ball if mozz in one sitting and nobody wants that.

After one full week of no cheating, I am feeling great. My hunger (which is my biggest demon) is at a all time low. I have lost that 10lbs (again) and am going to keep it rolling. Last time I was eating like this with minimal hunger I was on phentermine. I am trying to do it all natural this time around. So far, so good. My skin feels amazing, I don’t feel bloated and I have a ton of energy. Usually, I am falling asleep at my desk around 2pm every day and that was not the case at all this week. I go to bed at 9pm most days and this past week I was up until 10/11ish while waking up for work every morning at my usual time and still wasn’t lacking energy.

Now for Ryan. Anyone who knows him well knows that he eats like a pigeon. He takes one bite of his dinner and gets full. Since starting this new lifestyle he has been able to finish his plate and not be stuffed. This is huge for him because he would so full that he was in pain after eating most days. He also has been feeling much more energetic and has been the best support during this. It’s so so so important to have someone that is on the same page as you and it all the difference when trying to stick to something.

This is only week one. I feel like it is a huge deal that I (we) have even made it this far. My goal is to lose 20lbs by August. I am 1/2 way there and can totally do it! Right? We will see!


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