air fryer chicken wings.


pictured with celery and dairy-free ranch

Let me start this one by saying that I am utterly obsessed with my air fryer. Basically what I mean by that is, everyone in my life wants me to shut up about it already. Talking to the girls at work goes something like this: “Em, what are you having for dinner?” “oh, just chicken wings for the 3rd time this week”.

Ill also give you a little mini-review about my air fryer. Listen, noting is going to be as good as deep fried. It’s plain and simple. However, this air fryer makes your food much much crispier than baking things in the oven. If you are like me, the crunch is everything. The chicken wings come out nice and crispy. Same with chicken tenders and fries (which are the only things I’ve made thus far). 



Thats it. I usually just throw all the wings in a baggie (or bowl) and mix with olive oil, garlic and onion powder. Shake the bag and throw them in the air fryer. Ill set mine on the chicken setting  (400 degrees) then cook for about 15 min and flip them. Put them back in for another 10.

This is a great way to eat some wings you’re craving without all the oil.


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