dairy-free ranch.



Ok, so it’s definitely not a secret that I love ranch. Actually, all sauces and dressings are my obsession. Here is a great way to have ranch without the dairy aspect. I’ll try to put a lot of keto/low carb recipes on here. I know keto uses quite a bit of cheese and dairy in most recipes but for some reason, I’m not sold on that always being the answer. Usually, when I can substitute dairy, I will. Plus my lil sis can’t eat dairy so this one is for you Ash.



  • 1/4 cup of canned coconut milk  (I used this coconut milk)
  • 1/2 of mayo
  • 1T chives
  • 1T Italian parsley
  • 1T dill
  • 1t onion powder
  • 1/4t salt
  • 1 clove garlic
  • lemon juice (~ 1/4 lemon)
  • calls for olive oil 1t but this is optional. I usually don’t add it because the mayo is basically made of oil.

There is no special way to prepare these ingredients. I have both chopped the herbs up and mixed in with the mayo and coconut milk as well as throwing everything in a blender. SUPER yummy both ways.

I can sometimes drive people nuts because going strictly by a recipe isn’t always how I do things. I love just throwing things together and seeing what happens. I have made this ranch a couple different ways. Sometimes I’ll buy the “lite” canned coconut milk and sometimes I’ll get the “original”. The original is going to be much creamier while the lite version is about half the calories and half the creaminess. Also don’t feel obligated to stay within the ratios of mayo:coconut milk. You can always add more coconut milk. Find what works for you.

HEADS UP ON THE CANNED COCONUT MILK: when you open the can it will be watery on the top and will have settled on the bottom. Make sure to put it all into a bowl and gently whisk until its nice and creamy before measuring what you want for your ranch. 

*you can also use a submersion blender for this ranch and it comes out awesome! this is the submersion blender that I have and I am OBSESSED to say the least. 

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